by Francis Arevalo

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Wanted to drop something before I take a bit of a break from music.
Words, sound, visuals by me.


ya think i'm so whack, i’m wondering what's that bout
Say my flow's weak, and I'm sure your drafts tap out
Vancity Buzz, i get you roasted you like a fat stout
simba's bagging it up, you shouldn’t have let the cat out
ain't on shazam now - polish, shamwow crowds
from the 90's spitting hits, kids digging my Smashmouth
town digs my own sound, i’m in the zone now
that lost amateur, loud, bound to be “pro-found"
Listen I'm more now, i'm Motown, your O-town
I shoot straight, dude don’t even bother getting your gats out
When I got my mac out, I spray lines, so how bout
You're finished dog, pow bow wow, i go pow pow
Pass -- while I let the passion out you're asking how
This game's all in my palm…going "haw haw di karabaw"
News: is I'm filling in you blanks, so know while
You’re sleeping on my band's camp, i’m raining on your soundcloud
--Whatcha say Lupe? they told me dumb it down,
these fiascos' heads still be spinning now
seeing stars with no bars, no celebrities
but you can't take the stares, yet that's what you get when you step to me
versus me, turn adversity to more verses, please
you advertise iffy versions, deservedly this turf is me
Coarse as hard sand paper -- on the surface, i mean
This paper's hard to understand, i’m a course in university
dawg, he be the wildest, beastiest that we know
So deep and so childish, gamble on this bambino
"Sino siya?" that ego, hot doggin this tocino
Primo, now i guess your favourite rapper is Filipino
2 and 2, no equals, do the math, i never force
while you’re banging on yours, bangin' some doors,
when opportunity knocks, i smash it to the floor
Ignorin' decorum, and my whole team we storm in
I lead to broken homes, scene's horrid
you gotta redo the flooring, and hide the carnage in storage
you should probably re-decor, hire plumbing and some florists
restoring the drawers, reboarding the walls, hang portraits
unfortunate - i smash glass ceilings, but i hope you get
extended metaphors, but i really think that’s a stretch,
flex - my vocal cords loud til my throat is sore
til they swarm in hoards and exploding me in the local stores
I’m in the Rose Garden listening to Rose Garden
jams slam hard as old Roy at the Rose Garden
see, beating me's like Jay-Z and B divorcing:
it's unlikely. dislike me I "put you in the ring for it"
Bet on my lines, way I rip a mic, spitting like
You shouldn't take the gamble dawg, I wouldn't let you pick a fight
wasn't in the cards, can't deal with it damn
He gets no applause, casino he don't get no hands*
I Go hammmm -- grill y'all, I'm lit as some brochettes
Got bars on cue, until I'm Q, yes
Blast like four jets, i’m in tune as a quartet,
Rap tight as corsets, Rev spits Corvettes
You're trucking through buddy, pick up you're slack please
Think my drive's annoying? kid, stay in the backseat
to get the point across i ride the beat like i'm on tour,
i mean i go for days when i'm so gassed, do you want more?
Nah, my effort don't lessen a bit
i'll be posting more singles than plenty of fish
OK Stupid, download these “pro-files" and listen in
arch nemesis be repping this to his next of kin
Lyrical chillin' spree — how am i friendly?
It's cuz every single one of my enemies is into me
but oh oh what I'd do for a
eva eva, for eva eva, longoria
but i'm preoccupied I ain't got no benjamins
at least I'm a big boi, and i cast out you negatives
forecast: lemme show you on a paragraphs,
My lines are off the charts…my hits outperform cats
you can't run on, lock down the premises
y’all stuck in my bars and i’m giving ‘em long sentences
No Darin' him when he's garish as Mr. Garrison
got audiences jumpin’, got ‘em sprung as hot as harrison
you're sincere with you thinking that my flow's weird?
oh dear, step back, I'm trying to do a show here
monikers for marketing, dudes just call me dope
Francis, then it's Michael Canton and Arevalo
let 'em know, tell 'em go, stop the dudes spittin' game
whyyy front - MC’s literally my middle name


released December 1, 2017
Lyrics and music by Francis Arevalo.


all rights reserved



Francis Arevalo Vancouver, British Columbia

Francis Arevalo is a Filipino-Canadian hip-hop artist with roots in the poetry slam community, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He is the founder of the A Night With Friends artist showcase and he collaborates with his creative family The Lions We Are. He released two mixtape in 2017: 'Love & Basketball' in January, and “TLWA” with The Lions We Are in June. ... more

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